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Various reasons to unlock PDF file and learn how to unlock PDF file with a hassle free process.

Before knowing how to Unlock PDF file understand the PDF password security concept and the various situation where you will need to unlock PDF file. Many authors used to apply security restrictions to protect their sensitive and confidential PDF files from the unauthorized users. Usually the PDF files are encrypted with two types of Password:

1.) Open/user Password: It prohibits the unwanted users to open your PDF files.

2.) Owner Password: If PDF files are encrypted with owner Password restrictions also, then users can’t be able to copy/print/edit those PDF files.

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Have you ever encountered a PDF file with restrictions? Have you ever tried to edit, copy, print a secured PDF file but failed to do so due to password security applied on it? Do you want to know the easiest process for unlocking PDF file. Continue reading to know more about Unlock PDF tool and know how to unlock PDF file using PDF Unlocker utility.       

Situations where you might need PDF Unlocking Utility to unlock PDF file?

unlock-pdf-filePassword security is the remarkable feature of PDF documents to order to protect your PDF files. But in some situations it becomes headache for the genuine users too and they left with no option but to unlock PDF file using some PDF Unlocker Tool.   When as an administrator you forget your password: For a moment let's assume you are the genuine owner of the document and you have forgotten your password by yourself. What will you do?

When you want to modify a locked PDF document in the absence of system administrator: Assume the situation where you want to modify a secured PDF file but the system administrator is out of your reach. How would you proceed? You will naturally need to unlock PDF file PDF unlocking utility. 

When you receive protected PDF file from your friend or colleague: You may get a protected PDF file from your friend or colleague. As a result of password protection you wouldn’t get all the rights to use that secured PDF file the way you want to due to the unavailability of your friend or colleague. What you will do in such situation. Obviously unlock PDF file using any PDF unlocking tool.  

Above are the few examples of those countless situations where you will be forced to unlock PDF using some PDF unlocking tool. Here we would like you to introduce with the latest PDF unlocking utility named Unlock PDF. This handy tool will help users to unlock PDF files from the password restriction by removing PDF password. This PDF Unlocker Software will allow a user to unlock PDF file instantly and enable copy, print or edit, functionalities of a PDF file in seconds. In addition if you unlock PDF file using this tool, you will also be allowed to extract text and images from secured PDF documents. Here we are listing few key features of this PDF unlocking utility: 

  • Unlock PDF file in three easy steps
  • Unlock PDF file for printing, editing, copying, extracting and other functions
  • User friendly and interactive GUI that makes this tool easy to use PDF unlocking utility
  • Independent utility means users can unlock PDF file without having Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat
  • Users can unlock PDF files from 40bit RC4 to 256bit AES encryption   
  • Drag and drop feature enables user to unlock multiple PDF file with this PDF unlocking tool

Download a trial version of this PDF Unlocker Tool now to get familiar with the features of this tool even more.

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